Drug retargeting, the business process developed at nPharmakon, is designed to decrease the risks of pharmaceutical R&D, and to rapidly pursue both established and emerging molecular targets of high potential.

nPharmakon's drug retargeting technology can be used to

  • find drug-like leads for both established and novel targets; and,
  • identify new uses for drugs and drug candidates via the identification of their previously unrecognized molecular targets.

Technology: Computational chemogenomics methods at enterprise scale, integrated with expert evaluation and followed by experimental confirmation of predictions.

Compound Collection: nPharmakon's curated collection of investigational and approved drugs from around the world. Optionally, partner's drug-like molecules can be used.

Scope of the Technology: Thousands of protein targets; 3D structure is not required. Any therapeutic area.

Intellectual Property (IP):
  • No reach-through liability for a large majority of compounds in nPharmakon's collection.
  • Discovery of novel molecular targets leads to strong new Method-of-Use IP.
  • Optimization against new, unrelated to the original, targets leads to new Composition-of-Matter IP.

Deliverables: Drug-like leads, development candidates for your pipeline; tool compounds to advance your research. Detailed report, inlcuding review of IP context; med.chem. path forward; analysis of compatibility of DMPK and safety properties with the intended indication. Optionally, med. chem. optimization against the partner's target.

Advantages of using nPharmakon's drug retargeting technology to identify high-quality drug-like molecules for your target:
  • Lower cost than high-throughput screening (HTS)
  • Faster turnaround than traditional hit and lead discovery
  • Ability to address targets not easily amenable to HTS

nPharmakon's drug retargeting technology is available via partnering for large-scale applications, or on a fee-for-service basis for smaller-scale projects.